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As a merchant when will I get my money from doing business?

Cybrswype automatically transfers funds to your linked business bank account within the same day or next day funding – settlement cut off times apply.

As an individual user can I change the bank account being used for my payment?

Not after a payment has been sent. However, you can edit your payment method any time before you send a payment. You can add as many payment or funding accounts as you want, but remember to make the particular account you want to use most often your default payment account.

Why can't I sign into my account?

Make sure you are using your correct phone number when trying to login as an individual user. If you are a merchant, make sure you are using the credentials you created when opening a merchant account, or make sure you are using the proper credentials your employer created for you as an employee. There are a number of reasons why you may be experiencing login difficulties so the best place to start would be to reset your password, or as an employee, ask your merchant’s administrator to reset your login credentials.

As an individual user, how do I request a refund for something I bought?

Using your Cybrswype account details, login to your account by entering your phone number and other login credentials. After, locate the transaction you wish to request a refund for in your transaction log. Then locate the specific transaction, and request a refund from the merchant. The merchant will get your notification and process your return. If you are unable to get the refund you desire you may reach out to Cybrswype over email.

Why can't I view my Cybrswype dashboards as either an individual user, merchant, or merchant service business?

Most issues involving the dashboard are a result of an outdated, or unsupported browser version. Make sure you are using the latest version of your supported online internet browser.

Why don't I just use regular ACH through the bank where my merchant account is set up?

Cybrswype isn’t just regular ACH. Cybrswype is a fully integrated merchant service solution that also includes a proprietary way for people to pay for the things they love at your stores from their phones. Cybrswype created its own new version of interchange that is better and safer for people and merchants using NACHA and Blockchain. Without Cybrswype people wouldn’t easily be able to pay for items or services big or small on their phones at cost effective processing rates to merchants. Cybrswype also allows Merchant Service Businesses to earn more for their hard work and collaboration with merchants both big and small.

What’s the difference between Cybrswype and Venmo or Zelle?

Cybrswype is a transaction system. Although we eventually intend to include person to person payments, transfers, remittances, and loans, Cybrswype is a payment method that gives you the ability to pay a merchant without using a card and thus giving you debt in the process. For a merchant, Cybrswype includes a merchant system that allows you to get paid from your customers using Cybrswype. Cybrswype has far lower processing fees in comparison to card payments because we’ve come up with our own interchange rate that passes more savings onto you.

What kind of security is in place to protect my transactional funds?

Cybrswype has all transaction funds settled through NACHA ACH rails which are serviced through U.S. banks. Cybrswype is not another point of contact to be hacked or taken advantage of. Your funds are secured by nationally regulated institutions who undergo yearly audits and security reviews to make sure they’re secure.

How is my personal information and personal/business banking information secured?

Cybrswype tokenizes every user and merchant profile as well as every transaction. We make it almost impossible to commit fraud or take advantage of contactless payments. Users must have a valid funding account that is preverified so merchants always know they’ll get paid. As a user, you are simply connecting a bank account, and we use Plaid to ensure your account integrity is completely secure. Since we are not creating a new account for you to use, Cybrswype does not make you less safe, and it’s actually safer to use than a credit or debit card.

What kind of equipment do I need?

None! As a user all you need is your phone in order to pay or receive a refund or loan on Cybrswype. Think of your phone as your new payment method, and your funds get deposited in the bank you attached to your Cybrswype account! As a merchant, use the device of your preference! Cybrswype is built using web portals so all you need is some connection to the internet in order to get paid from your customers using Cybrswype.

Can I sell something to someone who’s not in my store since it can be done via text? How would I verify them if so? What if there are age limitations on the product?

Depending on how you get the item to your customer and if your customer is okay with it, then sure! Check out the video below to see how your customer sees an invoice when you text it to them.

Do I have daily/monthly limits on volumes or transactions?

Cybrswype does not have any limits. Make sure you double check with your Merchant Service Provider if you have limits.

What items do you need to underwrite my company and what is the turnaround time on becoming an active merchant?

In order to streamline the underwriting process when you sign up on the Cybrswype website as a Merchant, send your monthly transaction count; monthly volume; number of employees; and industry category to cybrswype@redtie.email. Having this information on file will greatly increase the turnaround speed on getting your account set up with Cybrswype.

ACH is said to be dated so how does the Cybrswype product make it high tech compared to other payment methods?

Typically, ACH is used by merchants to pay other merchants or by customers to pay for services. ACH was revolutionary as a method to make it easier and more cost effective to send money than wires or checks. Fast forward to today, the question is why can’t people use this payment rail for anything and everything? The answer is that credit cards and debit cards beat NACHA, the organization that services ACH to the punch. Cybrswype changes the game by providing a streamlined payment rail to people by turning it into a mobile payment. For merchants, we created an easy to use web platform to receive these types of payments. Merchants and users will still be able to enjoy very cost effective payments that are responsible, safe, and do not create debt.

As a merchant, what are the top 3 reasons why I should join the CS network?

Cybrswype makes ACH which is already cost effective widely accessible to your customers who have never had access to it before when buying products or services in realtime. Cybrswype is hardware agnostic meaning you can use whatever you want wherever you are. Cybrswype ensures that user funds are pre-verified and required so the risk of ACH returns are minimal at best.

How is customer service handled? What if I have funds missing, what if I need help with my dashboard or initial setup?

Customer service is handled between Cybrswype and your Merchant Service Providers. All technical related concerns about your money, where it is, or where it goes is handled by Cybrswype. All generic customer service concerns about your dashboard, or questions about how to operate Cybrswype are handled by your Merchant Service Provider. Additionally, you are free to access all video tutorials and FAQs here in the FAQ section or in the Video Vault. If you still have questions feel free to use our email to reach out and we will point you in the right direction.

As a user can I have multiple accounts linked to my Cybrswype account?

Yes you can! Just like a merchant, you can link multiple bank accounts to your Cybrswype profile. These can include investment, checking, savings, and other types of bank accounts. Whenever you attach more than one account, you will need to define which account to be your default payment account. The default account will be the first account Cybrswype debits and credits when making payments or recieving refunds or loans form mechants and businesses.

Why is my account balance on my connected account showing $0.00?

Cybrswype uses Plaid to verify and connect your bank account securely. Plaid reads your available balance which is what gets used to make your payments on Cybrswype.

Why does it take so long for pages to load on my merchant account?

Cybrswype makes constant updates to the speed of the portals and systems, so if you’re experiencing slow speeds clear your browser cache and try again.

Why is my bank account not connecting?