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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249


An Opportunity

You're not some statistic, and your financial status deserves more than a percentage. We've found that people are missing out because of the fear of the cost, both to your personal self and bank account. Break the cycle of high interest credit debt. We are cybrswype, and with us spend your money your way, and know what it means to be financially whole.

Who Can Benefit From this Opportunity?

   People looking to lower the credit debt

   People who like to budget their expenses

   People who want to help support local businesses

   People who want to use contactless payments

   People who want more financial security

   People who want text message reminders when their balance changes

   People who like to use their phone to pay for things

   People who are afraid of debit

   People who want stronger account and identity security


A Movement

We are starting a movement but it begins with trust. We want you to be in control of your financial decisions and not be a slave to debt. We wan’t to guide you along your journey to being financially whole, but we will treat you like humans, families, employees, and business owners, not like risk.

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A Purpose

Cybrswype's purpose is to provide direction to dreamers and opportunity takers. The direction we wan't to provide is one that leads more people towards financial wholesome and security, not one that leads them into more debt. It all starts with cost effective payments for businesses, a more equitable business model for service providers, and an easy way for everyday people to pay for the things they love with their cell phone.